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  • PandaMiner B7

    Panda miner professional graphics card miner, ultra-low power consumption, high cost performance, more stable performance, faster return

    Number of video cards: 8 Core graphics card: AMD rx580
  • PandaMiner B9

    Number of video cards: 8 Core graphics card: AMD 5700xt
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What is a video card miner?

The video card miner is a mining device which supports multiple virtual currency algorithm mining. Different from the ordinary graphics card, the video card miner is assembled by a number of high configuration graphics cards, customized and highly compatible chassis, and professional mining machine frame, which are specially designed for mining needs.
The video card miner is very flexible and can run different algorithms for different virtual currencies to achieve multi-purpose. Today, the upgrading speed of bitcoin miner is slowing down and the price is increasing day by day. The video card miner is a better choice for virtual currency investment.

  • Mining compared with ordinary video card

    Multiple top configuration graphics cards, higher computing power and lower power consumption

  • Comparison of mining with bitcoin mining machine

    It can be applied to a variety of virtual cryptocurrency algorithms

  • High cost performance, low deployment cost!

Who are we?

Panda miner, founded in 2016, is a professional digital currency hardware R & D technology company. With strong technology and R & D strength, it is outstanding in the field of graphics card miner, with high performance, low power consumption and relatively stable integrated graphics card miner. Panda mining machinery covers the whole digital currency mining industry chain, including mining machine R & D, cloud computing power, hosting services, mining pool, etc. in the future, it will continue to innovate to meet the ever-changing mining demand. Our vision is to lower the threshold of mining and make mining easier.